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Uncle Oxidant are you symptom free and if so how did you get there?

I am not symptom free. I just started the diet 2 weeks ago- I had candida 20 years ago, got over it after about a year – probably took 18 months to really get back to normal. Recently I recognized that I was having the same kinds of symptoms again after some 3 courses of antibiotics this year. However, I have had a lot of improvement in some of the symtoms,most notably the anxiety & panic is way better. Still having some balance symtoms, but those are generally better too. The main problem now is an apparent hiatal hernia which tends to limit how much I can eat – but even that seems to be improving with some stretching exercises.

As for kale containing oxalates, yes, apparently it does have some, but according to this site it is a low oxalate vegetable: At the website they recommend steaming or boiling to reduce oxalate content. If you can’t eat kale, then perhaps you should consider sea vegetables (seaweed, kelp, dulse and the like)? You need more minerals than lettuce can supply. I also generally tend to eat some locally produced, live, organic saurkraut at most meals. I’d guess (not sure though) that the oxalate content could be reduced in the fermentation process. I have seen recipes for making your own kraut out of kale.

Edit: Actually, I just realized that if you can eat lettuce (and apparently you’re eating that because it has no oxalates) then you could eat dandelion greens. Very nutritious, but kind of bitter. You could add them to your smoothies. If you keep your yard organic like I do, you’ll have a ready supply even this time of the year. Dandelion is in the lettuce family.

As for oat bran, it should be ok to eat some each day – probably a cup is ok, I don’t know what the carb content is right off hand? (note that it expands a lot when cooked, so a cup probably turns into 2 or 3 cups of porridge). In the morning I make a porridge of oat bran, teff and amaranth to which I add coconut flakes and coconut oil. Note that teff is very nutritious you should consider adding some of that to your oat bran. IIRC a 1/2 cup of teff has something like 90% of your magnesium requirement (folks with candida are generally low on Mg) a good amount of protein and it has quite a bit of fiber. It’s also quite high in manganese.

As for beef, yes it can be difficult to digest so I should clarify: you should make bone broth soup from organic beef bones, ribs, oxtails & the like – I get them at the butcher counter at my local organic store – usually there’s a little meat & fat on them. It’s great if you can get bones with lots of marrow. Use a crock pot. Put the bones in with enough water to cover, add about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar & salt. Let it soak for a couple of hours that way before turning on the crock pot. Then add your spices, garlic, vegetables, etc. and turn it on high for about 2 hours. after that back it off to low and let it go all day long – the longer the better. I usually have some the first day and then run it again for the 2nd day. Bone broth soup is very healing for the digestive tract and has lots of minerals in it.

Again, you probably need to add more variety to your diet as you risk malnutrition with your current diet.