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I would not think that the meat intake would be a problem (especially since you indicate organic chicken). Given the limitations of this kind of diet I wouldn’t try to limit meat too much as there isn’t a whole lot left but meat and green veggies.

Just wondering, though, is this exactly what you eat every day? If so you might want to mix it up a little with different types of meat: some fish, especially sardines which do not accumulate a lot of toxins, perhaps some organic, grass fed beef, bone broth soup, etc. If you really do want to reduce your animal intake, hemp seed is an excellent source of protein and fiber – though it is pricey – you could add it to your smoothies.

I’m not sure you’d be better off trading the meat for more eggs since you’re already eating 4 eggs. Avacados are good.

Also, romaine lettuce doesn’t have a huge amount of nutrients. Have you tried adding kale to your smoothies instead? It does not have oxalates and is packed with nutrients.

You mention dairy is a problem, can you drink goat milk kefir?