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Thank you so much for your reply Able. I was tested through Metametrix labs and my yeast level was the highest number they give. So I know I have it bad. I’ve been battling this monster for four years without knowing what I was dealing with most of that time. Anyway, the Metametrix website says to avoid FOS as it also feeds yeast. I would think they know what they are talking about since they were the only ones who could actually diagnose me with science!!! On to your other point about Candicid Forte – doesn’t oregano oil also kill good bacteria? My Doctor (also from Metametrix through a consult) recommended oil of oregano and also Candex. Able, I know you don’t recommend Candex which is why I haven’t proceeded with that too. I just want to kill this beast you know? Somewhere I read that the Candicid was effective and I wanted to try it. This awful itching interferes with everything:(

How much oat bran can I safely eat? I know I could eat a lot and I have eaten two cups a day in the past. This would allow me to cut back on chicken which would be not only cheaper but quicker to prepare:) I could also increase my coconut oil this way because it tastes good with the oat bran. My doctor wants me to avoid grains but he also said he thought I would be better in two months time which hasn’t happened! 🙁

Onto a positive note – God has a plan in all this suffering I am going through. If nothing else it will teach me character:) He is able to bring healing! Looking to Jesus who suffered on my behalf and understands better than anyone else what I am going through. “Though I have fallen, I will rise…I will see his righteousness!” Micah 7:8-9