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Thanks for the quick replies! Raster can you tell me what you ate on a daily basis while on stage 1? Is oat bran allowed? What do you eat now? Uncle Oxidant are you symptom free and if so how did you get there? My doctor wanted me to try a diet of only meat and vegetables with no grains and I don’t know how much longer I can last doing this. I was hoping I would be closer to being symptom free by now. I still get die off everyday in the form of achy back and neck. Raster you have said expect 6-18 months for a cure but weren’t you symptom free in two if I recall correctly? I would love to be able to eat beans and oat bran but I have so much anxiety about the itching and it’s not going away as much as I hoped. Maybe Able will read this and have some advice too. I would love to have his input as well.