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i study microbiology and love biology and science. i want to find the best way to treat my body. what i found on the internet, among other people, on the forums is that people always give me their opinions which work for them.

there’s a biochemist on my college that says some things that he proved with his experiments and there’s a chemist on my college that proved it differently (she did it for research and biochemist did it for his own fun). there’s bruce lipton, a scientist, that proved that when a scientist is trying to figure something out, he’s trying to prove something to some of his “science enemies” and make them wrong and it affects the experiment that he’s doing and the results are different for same experiments done by different scientists. well, that’s interesting. a biochemis at my college is a person that is always trying to prove something to people and force them to believe what he believes and a chemist doesn’t care about believing her. (i talked with them and tested it with conversatinally-psychological things that i learned).

what i’ll do in the next month is, i will gather some objectively gathered data and combine it into my way of looking at things. there are people that proved soy isn’t good and there are people that proved it’s actually helping your body, and i know people that ate it and are completely healthy even when they are 70 years old. they didn’t mention in soy experiments what stress people were having during this process.

if you know what neuro-linguistic programming is, then you know that your mind affects your body. My opinion is that food affects your body 10% and mind affects your body 90%, but food affects your mind a lot. i did some experiments on myself because i’m allergic to nuts and we have this anti-allergy pattern in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). i ate some nuts and got an allergic reaction, then i literally made myself not allergic to nuts and ate them and didn’t get allergic reaction. i concluded that the way you think about food and believe in it, affects your body. i know people that are eating unhealthy food and are very happy in their lifes and don’t have medical issues.

why i’m so concerned about cabohydrate intake and proteins and digestion and everything is because i want my body to get what it needs and understand the digestion and food.

i want to eat healthy food so my mind will work completely good and i’ll train myself to master my thinking and live a peaceful life etc. 🙂