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Hi, Katy.
Sorry I wasn’t able to reply to your post when I was on earlier today, but another meeting was calling.

To answer your question about the beeswax in the oil of oregano capsules, it’s fine.

You asked, “Would you disregard it being due to stress?”
I suppose really just about anything is possible with stress. Unfortunately stress is a drain on the adrenals which are normally already weakened by the Candida infestation. Ashwagandha is one of my favorite multi-purpose herbs. It’s a popular and useful herb from India and most known for its ability to decrease stress, but it’s also used to improve the memory, reduce inflammation, and is an antioxidant. As far as the dosage for Ashwagandha is concerned, you can start with 2 capsules, one in the evening and one at bedtime. Not only does it help to lessen stress, but since it’s a calming herb, it can also help you sleep better by decreasing the cortisol in your system.

When you go back to the UK I would look for liquid oil of oregano which is much more potent than the capsules. A perfect brand is North American Herb “Oreganol” (note spelling) Super Strength Oregano Oil. It’s a certified wild oregano blend from the Mediterranean, and is more concentrated than the standard strength oil. Be sure that the one you choose is pre-blended with olive oil or you’ll need to mix it each time you take a dosage. The olive oil is added because of the oregano oil’s high concentration. Even though the drops are always taken mixed in a glass of water, the taste is sometimes still too strong for some people. If this is the case you can purchase empty capsules from a pharmacy and place the drops inside the capsules.