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Katy Gillett wrote: On another note I wonder how Hope is doing as I haven’t seen a post from her in a while…

Hi, Katy. I think Hope may be taking some time off to deal with the problems she talked about. I hope she’s doing well, it would be nice to hear from her.

Amazon has Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour as well as a lot of other products you may eventually look for, but I understand you’ll have to wait until you go back to the UK for this. Will you be returning to Bahrain again?

Talking about your dizziness; well, first there’s a definite difference between vertigo and a dizzy feeling.

With actual vertigo it’s pretty hard to even stand up and walk. However, with dizziness you can usually stand and walk carefully, or perhaps hold onto something if necessary. This is sometimes impossible with vertigo.

Vertigo symptoms include feeling like the room is sinking or falling, the entire room at one time can appear to spin either quickly or slowly, and the objects in the room as well. Vertigo can be caused by many things, anemia, blood pressure (high or low), head injuries, allergies, lack of oxygen to the brain, nutritional deficiencies, infections, stress, blockage in the ear canal, middle ear infections, and even excess wax in the ear. One other possible cause brings me to a question, how long have you been in Bahrain? By the way, Katy, have you been in Bahrain for a long time? I asked because a change of atmosphere can also be a possible cause of vertigo.

I’m not sure what you’re taking at the moment as far as antifungals, but dizziness can be a symptom of die-off. If I remember correctly, you haven’t been able to obtain the Molybdenum or the Candidate yet. Once you get these or at least one of them, it may help the dizziness. As far as an herb goes, ginger is often used to stop dizziness, but the cure may depend on the cause.

As far as finding the GI of different foods; some of the charts vary, but a pretty good one is on the South Beach Diet website.

Take care, Able.