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raster;58148 wrote: The product my naturopath has is smuggled in from spain

So that’s an illegal product…

raster;58148 wrote: [This product] is only made by one person in the world, dr. prada pascual.

So we just have to believe that this single person is trustworthy? If he would be trustworthy, why doesn’t he reveal what he’s doing? Why doesn’t he teach his knowledge to others? This really sounds very, very weird.

raster;58148 wrote: In spain, they don’t allow herbal remedies to be manufactured so he has to do it in secret.

In Spain, they do allow herbal remedies to be manufactured. Please mention the real reason why this Mr. Pascual’s activities are illegal.

raster;58148 wrote: My nd brings it back from europe without a label and then makes a label for it.

So your nd is basically smuggling illegal drugs into the country and then selling them as if they were medicine.

raster;58148 wrote: Its a multi-herbal product that is centuries old developed by some geniuses, so you won’t be able to replicate it.

If that would be true, the recipe would be known and lots of people would be producing this stuff.

raster;58149 wrote: I talked to him about random stuff recently and he said that if he were to advertise what he really does online or publicly, that he would be quickly shut down.

Which means that he is doing illegal things. Probably, his activities are dangerous.

raster;58149 wrote: He knows things about the medical world that are basically suppressed science. One example is the cell wall deficient microbes that are making everyone ill which are caused by antibiotic use. This has been discovered decades ago but modern doctors won’t mention it and acknowledge anything about it. But the elite doctors that celebrites, etc. go to they know about stuff like this.

If nobody knows about this, then how can you tell this in public?

This really is a prototypical conspiracy theory. “Shht, nobody knows this, but here are the facts…” Do people really not see that this cannot be true? How can secret facts be shared with a worldwide audience???