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Thanks raster! I’ll just keep on taking the phytostan, as I know it helps, especially when I got a built-up of gas in my system. I’ll just talk to him about which anti-fungals we think will benefit me the most next time because my body is just weird. I probably ask him the same questions sometimes.

yisucks and raster, I am on the pleo alkla, too. I was around 5-5.5 when I started. My pH has been getting better, too.

I have another question; some expenses have really been eating me up lately, and I want to try and keep getting better, but this stress of money has actually set me back some days. Also, I think my partner is been getting frustrated because he just doesn’t understand what I am trying to do at times. He eats hot pockets, pizzas, and constantly works all the time (which sort of stresses me out because then I get that feeling of go, go, go, too; I hate that we live in a fast-paced society).

I have just had lots of things come up with bills. How do you guys afford trying to balance all the supplements, and I know some of the higher quality supplements are worth it because I see a difference compared to when I just try to supplement with cheaper alternatives sometimes? This month still spending a little bit, but documenting everything I either like or feel can go without, so I can pin-point which things are the most helpful!!!