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ThomasJoel2;55633 wrote: I know you think highly of your ND raster and was wondering if he had a website? I know there’s a couple of others on here who are seeing him, so I’m assuming he consults with people online or something? I’m always trying to expose myself to new perspectives and was wondering if he had any Powerpoint lectures online I could look at. I’m particularly interested in his focus on pH.

So thomasjoel12,

I talked to him about random stuff recently and he said that if he were to advertise what he really does online or publicly, that he would be quickly shut down. He knows things about the medical world that are basically suppressed science. One example is the cell wall deficient microbes that are making everyone ill which are caused by antibiotic use. This has been discovered decades ago but modern doctors won’t mention it and acknowledge anything about it. But the elite doctors that celebrites, etc. go to they know about stuff like this.