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He is really old skool and doesn’t advertise or have any websites, he is only shared by word of mouth. He is like 60+ years old, is a short asian man who is kinda like yoda because he is buddhist. He learned from doctors all around the world including shamans/witch doctors in the amazon, etc. His main teacher was Dr. Prada Pascual in spain who has a center there. Prada pascual developed a spanish blood test that tests your blood for parasites, viruses, yeast, and genetic stuff (I haven’t done the test yet cuz its like $500).

His method for dealing with yeast primarily focuses on homeopathic use. He uses acids to erode microbes, viruses, fungi, etc. These acids are primarily found in the pleo homeopathic remedies, primarily pleo ex. I’ve taken pleo ex for a few weeks now and its working really well. It basically instructs your body to fight yeast.

After pleo ex, he then uses some special german homeopathics to revert the yeast to a non-pathogenic state. Basically his method’s goal is to prevent the yeast from coming back again so you don’t ever get a relapse.

Before all of this his focus is on digestion, detoxing, and stabilizing the patient with SF722, digestive enzymes, juniperus communis (homeopathic), L-glutamine, HMF neuro, etc. It varies person to person which supplements to take. This is likely his core products.

He knows a lot about chelation, methylation, etc. and these are his final steps in his plan. The pleo remedies also cause chelation. He places patients in certain categories if they don’t do the blood test and is a master acupuncturist and tai chi instructor. His main hobby is meditation in his free time.

I can give you contact info if you are interested.

Prada pasual does seem like a master doctor because he developed some amazing remedies. For instance, I have receding gums that are inflamed. He has this europea tincture/remedy that causes your receding gums to grow back FAST! Within 5 days my gums cam back and were completely healthy. Absolutely amazing.