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delicaterose;42658 wrote: Sorry, I’m a little confused! You say that nystatin is an effective anti fungal but you don’t recommend taking it?

I’m just wondering because you recommended on another thread that for vaginal problems that a drug and local treatment was required.

I wonder what drug would you recommend?

I took flagyl years ago. It made no difference and might have even made my problem a little worse.

I see you didn’t understand me. Yes, I recommend Nystatin refrigerated powder if you can get it.

Nystatin is a non-systemic antifungal that only target the intestines. It doesn’t pass to the bloodstream in significant amounts to target fungal colonies outside the gut.

It is a good antifungal drug with high efficacy against candida albicans.

However, if you want to target the vagina, you need something locally that may be Nystatin cream or a systemic antifungal such as Diflucan, Sporanox, etc.