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Hello, Jenny.

Dark circles are certainly considered one of the symptoms of allergies, but in addition …

Dark circles are one of the major symptoms of a bad Candida albicans infestation in general, meaning that the Candida themselves are the bottom cause. Also…

If you have congestion meaning your nose is stopped up from Candida-causing sinus problems, this can make dark circles more noticeable.

Dark circles around the eye can be an indication that there is a circulatory problem present.

Fatigue, which is also a Candida symptom, can result in dark circles.

Certain medications can make the area around your eyes look darker.

Dark circles can develop if you’re dehydrated or if you’re deficient in vitamin K and other nutrients.

And anytime your body is fighting an enemy such as an illness dark circles can and often do appear.

Stress, which goes hand in hand with Candida, causes dark circles under the eyes.

And lastly, a low immune system which is always associated with a Candida albicans infestation can and does cause dark circles to appear under the eyes.

So as you see, there are a lot of reasons for seeing dark circles under the eyes.
Doctors like to jump immediately to an allergy being the cause because then all they have to do is say, “Stop eating.”

I find it difficult to believe that any of the foods she’s taking away from you are causing the dark circles, but I suppose only time will tell.

I would continue to eat the garlic and onions and everything else allowable to keep from losing more weight and possibly making the circles even worse. Although olive oil is only a very mild antifungal, you still need the oil intake, so this is something you should absolutely have several times a day as well cocount oil.

What are you supposed to do for protein for the next three weeks?