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sommerdione2 wrote: I’m also curious, I’m trying to do this for my kids but not as extreme. So I’ve been reading alot of the discussions. Trying to put them on the 2nd diet, so I was wondering if steel cut oats acceptable for the allowed foods list and also is unsweetened flaked coconut?

Not sure how old your kids are, mine just turned three (twin girls) and I suspect that both of them have candida as I had it when they were born and one of them had to take a round of antibiotics. Even though I did try to keep them on healthy diet and did not allow many sweets, they had symptoms of candida overgrowth. Since I started my treatment they like to pick food off my plate so I transition them slowly more towards the treatment, but being so young you can’t cut out foods that the absolutely need as milk, cheese, grains etc. They wanted to try milk kefir and I let them, then they wanted a cup of their own and I let them. Now they have a cup a day every day. One mistake I did is that I let them have a whole cup right away, later I read you need to ease into it and increase the amount by like tablespoon or something. So their symptoms got worse for a while but after about two to three weeks they are getting much much better. I also try to give them nettle leaf tea with lemon whenever I can. One girl does not suffer anymore from constant stuffy nose, although I still need to clean it but instead of several times per day it’s maybe once a week, possibly after having sweets (they did have b-day and got tons of chocolate which is locked away but I give it to them occasionally). They are also not constipated any longer. They are happier, not as cranky. They did start to have some mild rash for a while, but that is going away. Probably detoxing through the skin. I was happy when their BM started to float 🙂 (meaning less toxins).

What I am trying to say is that I do think that kefir is the most important thing you can add to your or your kids diet, and in their case it might be enough to make a difference. Their bodies are not abused by candida so much, not poisoned as our old ones so I do believe that if we start them off right, they will be fine. When my overgrowth was not as bad I was pretty successful keeping it in check with healthy diet (mainly meet/veggies, little healthy carbs for breakfast) and daily kefir. Unfortunately I had a huge change in my life and dropped it all and now I’m sorry 🙂

Good luck to you!