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Raw coconut water contains too much sugar per serving for the diet and isn’t recommended until you are much much further along in your treatment. It can feed candida and set back your treatment. This diet is all about reducing your sugar.

Kefir doesn’t mold but it ferments which is a completely different process.

Soy is not allowed on the diet because it feeds candida is likely genetically modified by monsanto. Organic foods is the way to go in my opinion.

I used to have a very bad mold problem in my old apartment and it is why I am here; it caused severe symptoms for me such as seizures in my sleep, anxiety, hair loss, and the list goes on and on. Basically I got very ill very quickly from the mold.

What did I do to improve my environment? I moved to a house that contains mold but at lesser levels. There are some basic things you can do to reduce mold in your home, and I have a variety of tips.

-Consider purchasing an air purifier for the home that removes particles from the air. You could potentially get one for every room in the house. This of course will cause a higher electricity bill. I personally just use one in my sleep in my room.

-A dehumidifier will remove moisture in the air but are not very cheap. You also potentially have to remove the water from it daily.

-You can purchase “high grit” hepa furnace/AC filters that capture 98% of the particles in the air or more. This of course is only effective when these devices are on.

-Kill visible mold with vinegar and antifungals (oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, etc). This will cause the mold to become airborn so be sure to ventilate the area adequately. You can also kill visible mold with UV (light).

-Get your carpets steam cleaned and wash curtains (not cheap). Wash or paint all of the walls/ceilings.

-Detox your clothing from molds and toxins expelled from your body. This involves soaking the clothes in hot water and vinegar for 2 hours and then washing in washing machine. I have a post on the forum about this.

Hope this helps!