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I understand exactly what you are going through, this is what happened to me after taking tiny amounts of oregano herb, and then the buckwheat bread, its so confusing. Have you been tested for allergies? maybe you are eating something that is not allowing you to progress as fast as you might be able to ?

Also my doctor told me that symptoms are often worse before your period – that this often happens.

I am really concerned about my periods also as I have skipped a period twice in the past four months, my period is coming only every 8ish weeks, and I was always very regular. But I believe my hormones are out of balance due to the weight loss, and stress of this candida and also the clearing of it. So I am just trying to sit tight and hope they return to normal.

I believe though that if something is not making you feel well for now , leave it out. I have stopped the nystatin completely and I am focusing on natural foods, coconut oil and onions for antifungal action. You may be able to come back to it later. oh the other thing I learned recently is that mint teas ie peppermint and spearmint can affect your hormones, so as I was drinking about three cups of those a day I have now left them out and will see what happens, I m just drinking one cup of organic green tea, about 2-3 cups of nettle tea and the rest water. Don’t know if any of this is any help
hang in there, its a funny old battle but we will get there.