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Greetings Rose, and welcome to the Candida Diet forum.

I’m assuming that, with “YI” you’re speaking of a yeast infection, if so, just like antifungals, the cleanse can be part of the treatment. It’s up to you whether or not you wish to continue the cleanse, but if losing weight is a major problem, I think I’d try to hasten it at the very least.
Cutting carbohydrates from your diet is a sure way to lose weight. Since going without carbs may last for a very long time, and you do not wish to lose more weight, you’ll simply have to try and obtain more calories from the foods you are able to eat.

All nuts, being high in both protein and beneficial oils, can be a good food item, just don’t overdo it. The highest mold content is usually found on peanuts and pistachios, so I would not include these when testing deferent nuts. Of course you want to purchase any type of nut still in the shell. Removing the nuts from their shell and then soaking them in water for several hours, or even overnight, will help to remove much of the mold. Also, spraying nuts with a diluted grapefruit seed extract solution will remove most of the mold as well.

Coconut flour bread is probably one of the best ways to gain weight on the Candida diet, adding it to every meal plus snacks. Coconut oil should also be part of a Candida diet as well. You can eat the bread at least four times a day while attempting to gain your weight back without worrying about jeopardizing your diet. The bread contains protein, fiber, low healthy carbs, and from 74 to 100 calories in a slice.

Avocados are very high in two beneficial oils, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, as well as containing around 270 calories each. Adding one to a green salad is an excellent way to obtain needed oils and extra calories from a simple salad. I don’t have Candida, but always eat a healthy, basically carb-free diet. So when I have to go on a week-long business trip and end up doing without my normal one or two avocados a day as well as the coconut bread, I always lose weight and will have to add additional calories in order to gain the weight back after the trip has ended.

I wouldn’t add more red meat and I would suggest having no pork at all. A lot of people with Candida cannot tolerate red meat, especially if it isn’t organic.

If Hope sees your post, she can talk with you about UTI treatment while you have Candida, or, you can simply look for her posts on the forum.