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betsy wrote: I was wondering if anyone could explain why Chelated Molybdenum helps so much with die off symptoms. I have learnt by experience it definitely helps but I would like to understand the science behind it.

I recently ran out because I didn’t realise how low I was and can only buy them online (I am still waiting for them to arrive). When I ran out my mood was really effected and I’ve became so tired. The diet became really hard to follow despite having been sticking to it rigidly up till now. The thought of another egg with lots of veggies was too much to bear and I have ended up cheating loads the last couple of days. I am so mad at myself especially because I had been enjoying the food I was eating and recognise so many benefits to my health. I can’t believe I have been so stupid. I will make sure I get back on track tomorrow. Also I used to get headaches every day and since being on the diet these have stopped. When the Chelated Molybdenum ran out I started getting headaches again, and this was before I ate a load of rubbish food.

I can’t wait for my order to arrive and I will be more prepared next time.

I’m sorry to hear about your set back. I too have had several set backs as I trudge along trying to be faithful. My reaction is immediate. I start to feel burning in my mouth and throat and know that the oral thrush is going to town so to speak. I have not had huge cheats. Normally I have a very small amount but have a reaction and pull back. I never go overboard because I’m so afraid to have that nasty thrush back full blown in my mouth. It is like my dogs electric collar…I know I’m going to get a shock so I try hard to stay away. I’m in month 8 but I still have ongoing problems. I ate rasberries the other day thinking I’m fine…but seem to be having a reaction or something different. No matter how hard it is try to stay faithful. I say that hoping that others will not make the mistakes I have made. I actually at this point love my breakfast. I love my eggs with onions, spinache, asparagus, garlic etc. My breakfast is soooo yummy. I don’t think I thought that at first. I missed my homemade breads and rolls etc. But I have moved beyond that. We are heading to the lake and I’m making 6 dozen YEAST maplenut sweat rolls ( I call them poison) for everyone. However, I don’t miss them at all.
Hope Able or Raster or someone can help you with what you need to do and why molybdenum works the miracles that it does.

Hang in there we all slip and fall…but then we get back up again, brush ourselves off and try to heal our wounds and move on. Just try to not slip and fall so much.