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Thomas wrote: The question I have is about the ability for the candida fungus to survive by taking the sugar my brain and other organs need to survive. Lets say I eat a low zero sugar, and very low or zero carb/ candida diet. The fungus will not die because it will suck all the sugar from my body anyhow. So in short, when I am dead the fungus will die. I want to ask you because I experienced a very nasty blood sugar drop or whatever it was with adrenalin flooding my body, coming to a climax with a panic attack. Later I learned that adrenalin is too activated by the body to produce glucose. I wonder what happens if I don’t give my body glucose or very little to starve the candida but the candida anyhow is able to suck the glucose my brain needs. If that is not the case, why did I experience a total break down do to lack of glucose and high adrenalin?
I really would like to get out of my confusion! I hope someone can answer me here or in my other Topic where I ask for help and told my story.
thank you Thomas

Thomas, the Candida can’t live on the sugar in your brain. It will have to have a fresh supply of food every so often in order to survive in your intestines and colon which acts as the home-base for all the Candida. In other words, the Candida albicans will start and remain in the intestines and colon, they can affect other parts of the body over time such as the sinuses but they will still need a fresh food supply in the intestines to thrive on. If what you are saying was true, then everyone of us would have a Candida albicans infestation, and this just isn’t the case.

The Candida will begin to die when you have remained strictly on the diet for up to a week, and especially when the antifungals are added. By the way, the Candida can die without creating die-off symptoms. A person experiences die-off only when the treatment is strong enough to destroy a huge number of Candida which would create so many toxins that the body and liver cannot handle them.
Also it would be impossible to cure an infestation if it were true, and the fact is that the infestations can and often are cured.

The diet and antifungals alone will never completely destroy a Candida infestation as they will adapt to different types of carbohydrates over time, but once you have destroyed a portion of the huge population, you can add a good probiotic and kefir which will be the final cure of the infestation. With the proper probiotics, you will be able to change the entire environment of the intestines and colon making it too inhospitable for a Candida infestation to thrive.