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I have already been on antifungals and probiotics for 2 weeks along with a diet that is not as strict as needed.
1. Can I skip detox and jump into the strict diet while continuing these supplements?

If that’s your choice.

2. Florastor and Dr. Mercola probiotics (this probiotic doesn’t require refridgeration and I wonder if it is a good one or there is another that you prefer?
I know nothing about it. Can you post a link to the description?

3. I have vitacost grapefruit seed…should I take one morn and 1 in eve with or without food?

Without food is acceptable.

4. Should I try to now get the molybdenum and take for 3 days along with my other supplements?

You should have been taking Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate for three days BEFORE starting a cleanse, diet, or supplements. But yes, you should take it now.

Thanks for helping…I did try to read a lot hear but finding the info very confusing. I am having some feelings of exhaustion and lightheadedness already from the diet (admittedly not strict enough) and supplements.

You’re experiencing die-off toxins which can be dangerous to the body in general, but especially the liver. This is because you didn’t prepare for the die-off symptoms three days prior to staring the treatment.

The Protocol

Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate & Die-off