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RYANCREST;42651 wrote:

Have you tried it? Do you react to it? Stevia comes from a plant (leaf) I have never read that it feeds candida.

If you google, stevia feeds candida you will find results. and No I have not tried it hence, that’s why i asked the question to see what others experiences have been before I do try it

Ryan, indirectly I was trying to make a point. Which I will do more directly now.

I would encourage you to be careful when comparing yourself to others in this way. We are all different. We all have different food sensitivities, gut issues, foods we tolerate and foods we are sensitive to. It is impossible to know how YOU will feel until you try a food product. Asking internet strangers on a forum how they feel on a given whole food source won’t really help you. That is really what I was trying to say.