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Bucephalus wrote: Burned like hell?
Surely 45 degrees which is slightly above body temp won’t burn you. You drink tea and coffee at over 50 degrees.

try it with 45 degrees. I honestly not sure if it has to be much hotter than that. I think the objective with the thermal enemas is not necessarily to kill the candida, but to loosen up the protective biofilm.

When we clean stuff, we know that hot/warm water is better than cold water. It lowers the activation level of some physical and chemical processes. It might also be that the heat would lower the activation level of bicarb soda, etc, and make it more effective as an anti-fungal.

I thouoght about that with nystatin, but the nystatin tablets and the powder must be stored under a certain temperature so I’m not sure if heating them up in water would neautralise them.

Yes, the “shit must go out”. I have seen a direct relationship now between stuff coming out my backside, and my tongue clearing up. If I rest for a day, tongue starts going white again, if I start doing enemas again, it starts going pink again. Direct relationship.

What are you doing is really important, no only for you but for the candida sufferers in general. You are in a point where you are having proof about the relationship of those mucus strings you pass during the enemas and your health.
It happened to me too. There is nothing that stop you at this time because it isn’t Jorge’s words but what you have discovered yourself.
There are hundreds of people suffering that can be symptom free if they do the same.
There were candida sufferers in the past who did the enemas. They are no longer posting in the forums because they are free of this garbage.

This is the reason because I have been posting and telling and telling the same thing over and over.