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Hi, don’t bother with the 62 degree enemas. I really regret doing that now. Id on’t know what I did to my insides. 62 degrees is scolding temperature. After I did 62 degrees i tested what I could sip and drink. I can only sip 56 degrees and can only drink 51 degrees. i.e. when we drink tea/coffee it’s starting in the 50’s, to be drinkable, not the 60’s.

Not to worry, I was doing enemas in high 40’s tonight and stuff was coming out.
Now I just try and hover around the 50 degree mark.

I’m not sure that candida can survive 60 degrees for an hour, in fact, I’m more inclined to think that it starts dying earlier than 55 degrees.
I read some paper last week about it indirectly about candida.