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Bucephalus wrote: Hi

I have been doing Bicarb soda and Nystatin enemas for a month now. But to no avail really. So….I thought I might innovate. And I think it has worked.
I’m not sure how many people here can relate to me with having white tongue and bad breath, but that is a strong indicator or the severity of the illness in my experience. Last week my tongue was full on white, all over, with very bad breath. I breathed on a car last week and the paint melted off, that’s how bad my breath was.

Anyway, I’m one who hates having this illness and I will take risks to rid myself of this. I said to myself, “this just ain’t workin, and I need to improvise here”.
So on Friday, I thought, ok how will I make sure I get all of the big colon?
So I came up with the unsealed vessel theory. So I just used the enema prod that goes up your bum without the hose or the enema can attached. So basically, I made an opening for liquid to run in. Then I went and did the shopping, joke. No, what I did was then fill the bathtub up with water and put some mms drops in to make sure it’s purified. So basically, I was thinking, when you submerged and unsealed vessel water leaks in and fills it up. Well by putting that plastic insert in my bum I have unsealed the vessel (yours truly). So I hopped in the bath and waited to fill up. Well after playing pinball on my phone for about 25 mins, I thought I better get out and see if it actually worked. IT didn’t…Big Fail!!!

So then Saturday came, and I was thinking, what can I do? I remember learning about legionaire’s disease in a course that I did and that the guy was saying that some people put their hot water in their house under 50 degrees celcius which is a bad thing becuase he said that legionella can survive under 50 degrees and actually thrives between 30 – 40 degrees. So last week I posted in this forum about heat tolerance of candida. Except most people thought I had body heat problems. I actually meant the tolerance of candida to heat. So I did some searching on the net and I found that most bugs die off about 55 degrees. In fact they have a deathtime. For example, at 65 degrees a particular microbe will survive 8 seconds. at 60 degrees it might be 12.4 seconds, etc, etc.

So, get ready to cringe, I looked high and low for a thermometre that would measure up to 70 degrees. I found one in a petshop. Not sure how many fish can live in 70 degree heat, but who cares, I found this thermo. I boiled water and I did a 62 degree enema. Whoa, too hot. I think i cooked myself on the inside to be honest. But, you should see what came out of my backside. COld nystatin enemas for a month, no result. one Plain water enema in 60 degree heat, heaps of either mucous/biofilm or fungus, not sure.

Since then I have toned it down a little and stay between 50-55 degrees. I worked out that I can sip hot water at 56 degrees and drink hot water at 51 degrees, so I make sure I don’t go over 55 degrees now.

Anyway, started on Saturday. Done two more since then, plus I have about 10 nystatin tablets a date, plus I have sf722 plus heaps of kefir. My tongue is almost all pink. FIrst time in the four years that I have had this illness. The white is retreating down my throat. Also, my bad breath is 80 percent gone. I reckon by Friday I will have 100% pink tongue.

Praise God for the pink tongue.

Well done ! Just becareful with the hot water. I understand candida heat tolerance is 60 Degree Celsius for 1 hour. The higher the temp, the time shorter.
It took me more than 2 or 3 months doing Nystatin enemas to pass a lot of dead tissues ( who knows if candida biofilms too)
Anyway, what is clear is there isn’t any other faster route to get these results. It is only enemas.