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Holy smokes, 130 degrees Farenheight is HOTTTT!!! I really wanna try this method, but I have proctitis and i am afraid that it may aggravate this more. HOwever, i know I def have yeast issues. I have tried the nystatin enemas and they havent done much at all for me, however I havent done them for consecutive because of the proctitis. The MMS enemas for me I will never do again or at least until I no longer have proctitis, because it has set it off and made it worse since I did an MMS enema. The Nystatin enemas did not make anything worse just slightly better, but its hard to do them on a consistent basis.

I do wanna try this method with the temp water. Maybe I’ll gradually work my way up to about 110 degrees F. I just have to be careful. Where do you all get your nystatin tablets from? My insurance is being a pain in the ass with filling my nystatin powder USP and its too expensive for me.

Please keep posted with you TEmp enemas!