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Hi DianaV,

My Psoriasis has calmed down a lot. I still have a few lessions on my legs and elbows. It should have been gone but I have not been very strict with my diet over the holidays. It is significantly better. Even my doctor was amazed with the results that I got. I am less concerned with how it looks and have been able to wear dresses and skirts again.

Aside from following the protocol, my doctor prescribed alot of supplements to help with my recovery. I avoided foods which contains dairy, sugar and gluten. I find that I am sensitive to foods containing those ingredients. I have been taking a lot of fish oils, coconut oil, vitamin C, D3, zinc, beta carotene, magnesium and calcium to name a few. I also do a lot of exercises. I also read the book by Dr.John O.A. Pagano “Healing Psoriasis” (ISBN:978-0470-26726-4). Positive thinking has helped me alot in my recovery. The cure is not just through diet, Psoriasis is also a by product of stress. Your boyfriend would also need to address his stress levels. Digestion and our mental state are related to each other. I am very happy with my results and I know what foods trigger my Psoriasis. I have to return to my strict diet because I know that I have not yet completely gotten rid of my candida infection. Positive mental attitude and the belief that I can cure myself through food and healthy living has paid off. I am confident that I can get rid of this.

It is not easy, but I was determined to do this and it has paid off. You really have to tell yourself that you can do this because the alternative is not very appealing. I refuse to use biologics and compromise my immune system. I wish you and your boyfriend the best. I am still in my journey of curing myself and feel that I can do this. Good Luck! I hope that I was able to help you.