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eskimo_pup wrote: Hi all,
I am a chronic fatigue sufferer that is being treated with Perrin Technique, this is a technique incorporating Lymphatic massage so i am already suffering from die-off due to this treatment.

I wanted to get my personal plan clear in my head based on the protocol kindly supplied here on the forums..

Unfortunately i will be skipping this because of my CFS.


I’ve seen around the forum people recommending coconut oils that are very expensive unless there’s a extremely enduring reason to use these i will be going with ‘pure coconut oil’ from KTC used in cooking.

Fresh garlic 3x a day, crushed and left to rest for 10 mins.

is this enough?


Will be alternating between …

h+b probiotic acidophilus with pectin

Protexin Bio-Kult Advanced Probiotic

How should i alternate them?


As part of my current treatment i am taking:
Milk thistle tincture 3x a day

timed release B complex + vit c

Magnesium 250 mg tablets [sometimes i use the spray.]

I’m suppose to be taking chromium as well but ran out a while ago.

I am also taking country life chelated molybdenum after reading about it here i was curious to see if it would help with the die-off from the lymphatic massage.

I’m looking to get some cultures to make Kefir as well as get some chicory coffee but i notice a lot of these are mixed with barley so i should find it pure somewhere?

Thankyou for the help!

I wouldn’t bother with KTC coconut oil. It cost more, but shop around, you can get good value organic virgin coconut oil thats not so processed.

I would double check anything bought at Holland & Barratt, they are one of the worst offenders at putting fillers in supplements like maltodextrin.

Yes chelated molybdenum is worth it.

& deffo gets some kefir grains, its filling & give you unlimited supply of probiotics that you can trust.