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Hello eskimo pup,

Once your current bottles of supplements are gone, I would move on to products that do not contain maltodextrin which is a sugar alcohol. This is feeding candida in small amounts and can set back your progress. I noticed the Protexin Bio-Kult Advanced Probiotic contains maltodextrin.

Skipping the cleanse is a good idea and isn’t completely necessary.

If you like massages, I’d also consider trying acupuncture which can help detox the body, heal specific organs, and rebalance the body. Its one of the cornerstones of my treatment.

For antifungals I would consider starting another one in a few weeks; garlic and coconut oil are good but won’t pack the punch you are looking for. Remember more antifungals means more die-off so only add in more when you are ready. SF722 is my favorite one and it has many anti-candida properties.

For minerals and vitamins you’ll need vitamins a,c,d,e,k, trace minerals such as calcium/magnesium/zinc/selenium, and biotin (type of b vitamin). Swansons makes cheap good vitamins as well as solgar, nature’s way, and soloray. I can recommend some high end brands too if you are interested; examples include standard process, integrative therapeutics, thorne, pure encapsulations, and there are a few others.

You’ll also need to reduce the inflammation of the gut, and a good way to do this is with cod liver oil. Fermented cod liver oil is superior but way more expensive; it contains natural ratios of vitamins A and D and has prebiotic properties.

I haven’t heard of chickory root coffee and kefir being mixed with barley; if you do see this, don’t get it.

Kefir is also a great source of vitamin B, so when you start drinking it in high amounts, you won’t need your b-vitamin nearly as much.