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Hi all,

With regards to helping the brain during the treatment the Perrin Technique puts you on a product called vegepa unfortunately i lost all the bottles i brought!

Vegepa E-EPA 70 contains the patented combination of highly purified EPA (without DHA, which is another type of fatty acid that is believed, in supplement form, to inhibit the benefits of EPA) and virgin evening primrose oil (EPO).

I have returned the probiotics to holland and barrett but now i need recommendations for budget but trustworthy probiotics. I’ve looked at some recommendations on the thread and found them to dear.

I will need the same for milk thistle, for the other vits and minerals i will look at the companies raster listed.

coconut oil i will be purchasing from wholefoodsdirect as i posted previously, a big thankyou to jo2212 for the company though i would like to know which of the two brands i should get.

I wanted to buy my kefir here:

But it seems they are sold out and almost all of the other stores are too, i’m not a big fan of ebay either. guess i have to wait until they have fresh stock, presumably i should get the bog standard milk kefir [organic?] and not crystals or water kefir grains.

Also yesterday i saw my doctor for blood test results, she has given me vit-d supplements [fultium- d gel 800u caps]. After tackling her about my sore throat for the 4/5th time she palmed me off again with the idea that my throat was dry because i was ‘mouth breathing’ as my nose felt blocked.

After she looked at my discoloured tongue she finally conceded the only other thing that could look like that was thrush. So now i most likely have candida infection in my throat and bottom. Is this common?

I have been given 30ml of nystatin to deal with it, net doctor states ‘this product contains sugar’. Then again it is a potent antifungal so i’m not sure what to think.

Will i get any adverse die-off or anything using this?

Thanks all.