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Hi Eskimo Pup,

I also suffer with chronic fatigue and get extreme die off, often in the form of fatigue, from anti fungals so from my personal experience would say coconut oil and garlic would be a good start as you will probably want to be extremely cautious not to over do it.

I agree with Benc, I wouldn’t bother with ktc coconut oil, but if you’ve already bought it I would use it as moisturiser instead, it’s great especially as you’re already spending a lot of money flushing toxins out you don’t want to be putting more chemicals in from lotion additives.

You can get some good prices from online shops such as goodnessdirect and buywholefoodsonline, although if you look out for the essentials brand of coconut oil it’s organic and usually pretty reasonable (I’m a student so know how important that is).

Again Benc’s right, be wary of holland and barrett, they do have some good products but I don’t think that their probiotics is one of them. In some health food shops in england you can find udos choice in the fridge, or order it online. Also Dr Mercolas complete probiotic is shelf stable so is good for delivery. The ones recommended on this forum are available in england I think, but they’re hudely expensive here so I have avoided them.

I got my kefir from ebay, it’s cheap, I would look out for organic milk grains (if your doing milk kefir).

Despite what I said earlier about H+B they actually sell organic chicory coffee with nothing else added, the brands prewetts I think, personally I couldn’t tolerate it and it didn’t help at all, but worth a try I guess.

Hope this all helps!

How have you found the perrin technique? I’d be interested if it’s working, I’ve never heard of it before.