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raster;54616 wrote: I don’t have a plan because I don’t want to deal with any repurcussions of it not working. For instance, what if I promoted a plan to get better and people spent hundreds of dollars on it per month and it didnt work? Or what if it made them deftly ill and they went to hospital, etc? I just don’t want to put myself in a position like that. And something else I’ve learned along the ways is that we all have different symptoms and this requires specific treatments and supplements. I don’t know enough about natural healing to suggest how someone treat their ulcers, acid reflux, etc.

However I did put together alternative ways to get better, derived from other forum members content and insights:

If I did create a plan, it would involve a slow gradual introduction of antifungals and probiotics…detoxing the toxins and reducing inflammation. I would promote specific products such as L-glutamine for leaky gut, SF722 for antifungal, HMF neuro for probiotics, as well as some digestive enzyme products, fermented cod liver oil, etc. Its not too far away from the biofilm protocol.

Anyways, there’s a whole health care industry to cater to people with health problems. There are many companies that exist to help you treat your health problems (or naturopaths); check out the product lines that stanard process, pure encapsulation, thorne, integrative thereaputics, seroyal/genestra, etc. have. There’s tons of stuff out there and all of it works quite well, you just need the right stuff for your specific problems or best few items.


While I agree with you that everyone’s candida situation is slightly and sometimes entirely different, its still way freaking better to talk to someone who has been there, rather than some doc who tries theoretical approaches on you.
Someone who has been there already knows the things your going to complain about before you complain,lol, and its nice that a few of you who are cured still hang out to help those of us who are not near there yet.