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Thanks Raster,

thanks for the info and the link. The link is interesting but also even more daunting/overwhelming than just the thought of the Protocol or Lisa’s plan, and they were overwhelming enough!

As one of the symptoms of this condition is brain fog and being easily overwhelmed, I’m not sure how people can take in all that information in there. The amount of approaches and money involved is insane, and who knows if you’re going down the right road?

And more depressingly it seems to suggest that the protocol everyone was following doesn’t work as a long term cure, just a temp fix?

Do you have a foods list, anyway? Is there a link to that or does anyone have it?

This must be one of the worst conditions ever to get because of all the conflicting information, but thanks for your post attempting to pull it all together for everyone.

I gotta admit I do feel even bleaker about everying now, but thank you.