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Thanks for your replies.

raster, I appreciate what you’re saying and if I was unable to exercise due to ill health then obviously I wouldn’t. However, exercise is an important part of my lifestyle and I couldn’t imagine going for more than a day or so without some kind of physical activity if I’m capable of it. I’m not talking about freakish or fanatical working out, but maintaining muscle mass is important for everyone and two weeks without protein of any sort is a very long time! Thanks for the advice re eggs and if I decide to give this a go I will bear in mind that I need to tone down the workouts for a while.

benc, I don’t use ‘exercise products’, just good quality vitamin and mineral supplements. I already eat a healthy diet of mostly fruit, veg, chicken, fish and yoghurt, but I’m also a chocolate and ice cream addict. I guess the sugar in fruit combined with the chocolate and ice cream could be enough to throw my system off balance. I don’t even know for sure if I do have candida overgrowth as my results on the quiz were borderline.