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benc wrote: I’ve looked into this as well, as like you I need something convenient after training, i’m a PT.

The best supplement you can get post workout is organic grass fed whey protein, but I’m not sure if that would work with candida.

I look into hemp, despite the fact its suppose to have an awful taste, but I thought the carb profile of it was quite high. Pea protein has a lower carb profile, as does brown rice protein isolates, but its very hard to find unflavoured in the latter, & again I’m not sure if either of the 2 don’t work well with candida.

You might be better off taking BCAA, then get a solid meal inside you asap.

I’ve been getting liquid egg whites down me straight away – they actually don’t taste half bad straight out of the bottle!

What are you taking right now?

Can anyone else recommend anything?