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sammcl wrote: Is there any brands that come with recommendation from anybody?

I’ve started with more gym work and would like to take on extra protein straight after a session.

I’m thinking maybe something like this:

Use the MyProtein website. Very good quality supplements and cheap because it’s all sold online and they use plastic ziploc bags instead of more costly containers.

Go for something with no sugar in (obviously) and steer clear of sucralose also.

If you want whey then get the whey isolate so it’s lactose free (mostly) or, if you want a better effect, then get BCAA powder and use some kind of fruity concentrate (like robinson’s squash) to make a drinkable beverage with it.

I’m pretty sure MyProtein’s sweetner of choice is sucralose; so, if that affects you, just get unflavoured and mix with some robinson’s squash sweetened by acesulfame K or aspartame instead.
🙂 Good luck.