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I’d do the cleanse for 5-10 days max. At that point I would start the candida diet. In general, chicken use won’t set you back that much. The only thing to worry about is the overproduction of ammonia, which feeds the candida if I recall and helps create an environment for it to grow.

When on the diet, avoid all white flours and flours in general; you can have buckwheat and coconut flour as much as you want. Also, potatoes a big no no! A great way to get protein is to have the coconut flour or coconut/buckwheat bread; it contains quite a bit of eggs. I think eating meat is also a great alternative to the protein powder. We had an athlete on here recently who eats 6 meals a day. He wanted to eat chicken with every meal instead of his whey protein powder drink; I didn’t know what to suggest because he needed the protein.

Once you start the candida diet, I would get a probiotic after 1 week, and get some SF722 undeceonic acid. Both will help greatly. The probiotic is the most important thing you need to recover from candida. I would also consider grape or other bitters to help heal your organs. Supposedly one of the most effective bitters is spanish bitters.

If you want to kill of the candida more, I’d suggest trying garlic, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, or oregano oil as antifungals…this will create additional die off symptoms FYI. Do this after the cleanse when you start the diet.