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pwhite78 wrote: Jorge,
Were you able to get rid of the prostatitis? I’m dealing with both Lyme Disease and Candida, and this was the last thing I needed. I’m just about to start taking Ciproflaxin tonight, even though I would rather not get back on an antibiotic. However, I’ve been dealing with the pain for 2 weeks and it’s not getting better. Any suggestions/alteratives?


I had it. In fact, everything began with a wrong diagnosed bacterial prostatitis.
It was a fungal prostatitis what was affecting me. I took several antibiotic rounds that destroyed my intestines and caused a huge intestinal fungal overgrowth.
Two Urologists didn’t have any clue about candida.

It is hard to say, but if I were you, I will take the antibiotics 72 hours watching for symptom release. If after 72 hours, the pain is still there without any change to the better, I will stop the antibiotics. Cipro and Levaquin aren’t in my list either.
I believe your Dr tested your urine. Does it show a bacterial infection ??
The urologists prescribed me Cipro and Levaquin ( I took Levaquin for 28 days ) They thought that I had a chronic bacterial prostatitis. What MDs do is to prescribe an stronger antibiotic each time and for longer time.

At the end, I discovered the fungal prostatitis by myself (just reading the same website you posted) and took Fluconazole and Lamisil to eliminate it. They worked but I have been battling a severe intestinal candidiasis triggered by those antibiotics since then.