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Yes at first they were very prominent for the first few months and I noticed the diffrence and got kind of scared, then after the 3 months they got tinier then they were before this all started instead, so I got kind of scared of that too since I had gotten accustomed to them being prominent, but that only lasted a week, then ever since they have gotten back to the normal size they were before all this.

That’s interesting you also seem to be cautious of exerting yourself and sedantry now like I were. I did C-vitamin not for this though, and I noticed no diffrence, but then again my veins were straight and prominent, not twisted and varicose, and I don’t think you need to worry about that either now. I think this is just a early reaction of the diet and because of you’r lack of exertion, which might be a good thing during the start, but like I said you should start exercising in about a months time, if you can stand the prominent veins until then.
When you start out jogging do it extremely slow, I had a heart rate monitor chestband that’s synced with my Garmin runners watch, and I had very high heart rate during just above walking pace jogging, that’s how bad my caution of exertion had gotten me. And remember to stretch after, alot of my muscles were unaccustomed to this sort of activity lately and I got terrible muscle soreness the next day. But I maintened running Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4 weeks in a row and now it’s way easier and I feel much better.