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Hello Juste,

I also experienced the calf cramps and tightness and swollen veins, heart palpilations. I had it during the first 3 months maybe or so, but now it’s gone, it might have gone away when I started to exercise, because I was pretty cautious and sedantry before and during the start of the diet, but I’m not sure, and you shouldn’t exercise during the early phases of the diet because it drains the immune system and you really need it at the start to handle all the toxins. Might be good to start exercising lightly about a month after you start with antifungals and probiotics if you are feeling well and don’t experience much Die-Off reaction, and then increase intensity and frequency.

But I do think it’s great that they check you’r Thyroid, because many here have exhausted Adrenals and then Thyroids and it’s a very important organ, and paramount for beating Candida.