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yolee;49811 wrote: Thanks ThomasJoel2! Which book would you suggest to best help me with the chelating process? The hair test interpretation or the illness, diagnosis & treatment? I would like to do the hair test does the illness, diagnosis & treatment show how to do the hair test as well, do you know?

I found his protocol online and its a lot of info but not too sure if its complete and I would like to do it right the first time so if I have to buy the book I will but would also like to save money where I can.


No problem, yolee. IMO both books are must-owns if you’re mercury toxic. I understand wanting to save money, as I’m sure you’re spending a lot already on diet/supplements, but they both really are worth it. Here’s a torrent I found of his first book, Amalgam Illness, however:

Amalgam Illness is mostly about what supplements/medications you can take while chelating to alleviate whatever symptoms are troubling you. It explains other things as well though, such as how exactly mercury damages your body, what symptoms it can cause, etc. The actual frequent low-dose chelation protocol is described in the appendix. To get a better idea of the protocol you should check out the front page of the following site: IMO the author of that site does a better job at describing the core of the protocol than Cutler’s books do.

Hair Test Interpretation is the book that tells you how to diagnose mercury toxicity via a Hair Elements test. The “counting rules” approach that Cutler uses to diagnose mercury is actually pretty easily described. The bulk of the book is really about providing example hair tests, describing the person and their symptoms and how they have improved via chelation if they have chosen to do so. It also tells you how to deal with other heavy metals if you have more than just a mercury toxicity issue.

If you have any more questions, let me know. 🙂