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You seem to have a very negative tone. Let’s have a decent, worthy conversation, okay?

First, I don’t know the food pyramid you mention. I guess it’s an American thing, and my first guess would be that it is the equivalent of what is known as the “disc of five” in my country. This “disc of five” is a disc, like a round plate, with five segments. Each of the five segments contains examples of a type of food. The accompanying text explains that you have to vary your food intake over all five segments. It also mentions the minimum and the advised amounts of foods from each segment.

Is your food pyramid similar?

If so, then it’s not “retarded”. It’s simplified, okay, but calling it “retarded” would be denigrating. Remember that the goal of those schemes is not to provide an in-depth scientific essay. Instead, it’s aimed at the general population. Therefore, it must be easy to understand and easy to remember, even if that involves some simplification.

For the general population, this is an excellent approach, because they would know nothing without such guidance. For you and me, it’s a rough approximation only, because we have the interest and the brains to go a few levels deeper than just the surface.

Back to BPA. BPA mimics estrogen, which is a hormone. Putting BPA into your body is the same as burdening your system with an overdose of estrogen. That’s a bad thing. A very, very bad thing. Because estrogen regulates lots of processes in the body, many of which are gender-related. You really do not want to mess up that system.

The fact that “consuming” BPA stresses the body’s hormone system, causing several disbalances and development disorders, was the very reason for declaring BPA a toxic substance and banning it from all food containers, including bottles and drinking mugs.

A last word about mercury. It’s poisonous, allright. The question is: do the extremely low amounts of mercury that are released from dental fillings cause any measurable effect? The answer is: not that we know of. You can read this in the links I provided. And, be assured that I provided only a very small portion of all the many, many links I found.

One thing that is often mentioned is the theory that mercury might pass the blood-brain barrier and end up in the brain. Therefore, brain mercury has been measured in several persons after they died. Some had lots of amalgam fillings during many decades of their lives, others had few or no fillings.

The result of these measurements is that there is NO relation between amalgam fillings and the amount of mercury in the brain. In other words, this “danger” has been proven to be only theoretical. Worry about it as much as you like, but you would only be causing yourself lots of unnecessary stress.

In contrast, the dangers of BPA, which disrupts the hormone system, are very real. The main problem is that some circles would rather not hear about the (relative) safety of amalgam and the certain danger of BPA.