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yolee;49770 wrote: Hi I am a new member here and I am so greatful to find this forum with so much information to help me with my health.
I realize this is an old post but I have a few questions for anyone who can give me some advice. I do have metal texocity confirmed by my herbalist. I have my first appt with a mercury free dentist tomorrow to start the process to get my fillings safely replaced. I’m not sure if the dentist will know about the chelating process so thank you for posting all that you have about it. My questions are did you also continue taking the antifugls and probiotics during the chelating process, did you continue the candida diet also? My herbalist has me on liver pro & kidney pro by bioresonance research to support my liver & kidneys while on the candida protocol, should I continue these?

I would greatly appreciate any advice I can get!


I don’t think there’s anything necessarily wrong with continuing with the antifungals while chelating, however a lot of antifungals are high sulfur/thiol foods and a lot of people with mercury toxicity have trouble tolerating these foods. High sulfur/thiol foods mobilize mercury inside of the body and can cause a flare-up of symptoms. Using coconut oil as your main antifungal is probably your best bet.

Here’s some more info on the sulfur/thiol issue:

That whole site really that I just linked has a ton of information that should be useful. Also, Andy Cutler’s books Amalgam Illness and Hair Test Interpretation are most likely the best sources of information you will find on mercury issues.

Hope that helped.