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tebzzz;42324 wrote: Mercury on the other hand is the greater of two evils. There have been many reports of people have to chelate for years to improve themselves. I don’t even have to argue about how bad it is for you. Mercury has no place in the mouth.

I’m not saying that amalgam is good for you. But it isn’t bad either.

No study has ever shown any detrimental effect of amalgam fillings. They’ve even studied the organs and brains of people after they died. There was no relation whatsoever between the amount of mercury in their organs and brains, and the number of amalgam fillings they had.

How can that be?

The reason is that we get much, much more mercury from eating fish than we could ever get from leaking fillings.

Second to fish come either polluted air, or food that grew (or walked) on mercury-containing soil.

Mercury from amalgam fillings comes way after these first two mercury sources. So amalgam fillings do contribute a bit, but that’s really nothing compared to the much larger sources: fish and air/food.