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Good stuff titan. I believe your problems are greater than candida but its great you are seeing such results.

I talked to my naturopath at length about chelation last week and he definitely has a strong emphasis on minerals and pH. You need minerals very badly while chelating. He said people who have bad chelation experiences and outcomes don’t have enough minerals in the body or are too acidic. I believe you likely have good mineral levels and pH from the diet and eating healthy, so it may not be a problem for you.

He knows about many chelation agents and he stated that some are quite expensive. I basically can pay for whatever level of chelation I want to do, its all up to me I guess what I want to pay. The one he talked about was chlorella and he stated he gets it from one place that makes it in test tubes; its the only manufacturer in the world that makes it in test tubes. The chlorella from other sources is tainted and thus is not good for chelation.

He mentioned how ALA is a great replacement supplement for the heavy metals that leave the body; if something is removed, it needs to be replaced he said. So be sure to be getting plenty of good things in your diet including fatty acids and essential oils, minerals, etc.

He hasn’t heard of the andy cutler protocol because it likely is too new. If you have a good website or link about his protocol, I’d appreciate it. I mostly just want to print something out for him to read. I may even consider getting the book (what is it called again?). He likely knows about these chelation agents and so I can alter his plan potentially.