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Floggi;49403 wrote:
Ah, now we’re suddenly moving away from industrial waste?


Luckily, the amalgam that was used in dental fillings does not cause any mercury poisoning of the body. There’s no relation between the amount of mercury found in body tissues, including the brain, and the amount of fillings or the number of years a person has had these fillings.

These findings were not from some urine test or hair test, which could be very inaccurate. The findings were from tissues that were extracted from deceased persons. Therefore, the measurements of the amount of mercury (and many other things) are very, very accurate.

A person’s belief that amalgam fillings are poisonous may be what’s poisoning that persons’ mind. The amalgams are harmless.

Floggi, are you familiar with the book Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment?

It’s written by a chemist who became mercury poisoned from his amalgam fillings, realized what had happened, and then figured out what to do to get better. After curing himself with a frequent, low-dose chelation method he decided to write a book about it to help others. The book describes how mercury damages the body and causes numerous, chronic illnesses and syndromes. Allergies, food intolerances, candida, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and countless other health problems can be caused by mercury.

I understand the sentiment that “if amalgams caused mercury poisoning we would know it by now”. I certainly had a hard time believing it at first. The fact is, mercury poisoning is pretty difficult to diagnosis and just as difficult to treat. These are the main reasons, IMO, why more aren’t aware of the issue today.