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Raster, that is EXACTLY what I thought of right away because I’m sensitive to mold anyway. We’re getting the house tested after a heated discussion least night between myself and hubby. 🙂

I’m working with a chiro/nutritionist, and I’m on quite a few supplements, including a weed and seed rotation of garlic and in addition to the diet.
I’m on
Fermented cod liver oil {2,000 daily}
garlic on the weekends
Gut Flora Complex by Standard Process on week days
Homeopath CandidaPlus daily
Florajen3 daily

and just got off Thymex after two months on it.

Plus, I regularly use coconut oil, garlic in my cooking and apple cider vinegar with the mother in it for dressings and such.

Any suggestions? Thanks for reaffirming my thoughts on getting the house checked!