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Thanks Able, very useful (& thoughtful!).

Just one comment – I’ve ordered from iHerb twice and both times the delivery has taken far longer than expected (which meant I ran out of certain things for a few days) and also they didn’t pack the probiotics in ice (despite being asked both times).

Regarding the probiotic I’ve decided to resort to a local one from now on – I had been having the Megaflora 50bill delivered but each time it arrived late & without ice so I didn’t have huge confidence in it’s strength. Also it’s expensive when the delivery is factored in.

I finished my Megaflora this morning so am changing to BioCare Bio Acidophilus Forte (30bill) and will rotate that with Udo’s 8 (24bill, 14 strain). I’ll take at least 3 of each each morning on an empty stomach and wait 1.5hrs before eating (if I wake very early morning I take it then).

Bearing in mind – I was on the diet very strictly for 3 months and have spent the last month very (very!) slowly introducing a few things. I’m symptom free (except when I react to something I test) so this plan is a maintenance strategy rather than “full on attack that yeast” strategy that I’ve been on to date.