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CT wrote: In regards to packing probiotics in ice/keeping them cold are their shops that actually do this in the US?

Hello, CT. Actually I’ve never been in a health food store or vitamin shop in our area which didn’t have a fairly large glass-front refrigeration unit in which they keep the perishable items such as the higher quality probiotics.

In England I have never seen this; the major health food store Holland and Baretts always puts them on the shelf. Also the only Whole Foods store in the UK also puts them on the shelf.

Interesting. Have you ever questioned the owners concerning the possibility of the probiotics going bad?

Does this make the products useless or does it only matter once you have opened the bottle?

When the information on the label specifies “Refrigeration necessary” or something similar, I would have to wonder the same thing. I really have no way of knowing for certain as I’ve never tested this. I do know that there was an American lady on the forum last summer who ordered a probiotic. It was extremely hot weather and when she received it a little over a week later, there was no ice in the package. She went ahead and took some that day, and was very sick on her stomach for the next 24 hours or so.
If so I have no idea where I would buy them from if iherb don’t package them suitably.

The only suggestion I can come up with is to do what Lucy is doing; take high doses of other probiotics containing as many strains as available, add lots of homemade kefir, organic Greek yogurt, and sauerkraut to your diet as well as lots of prebiotics to keep them thriving.