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minime wrote: I also looked into DDS-1 a little more closely and also came across Dr. Shahani’s DDS-1 strain. I’d like to ask Able especially, or anyone else what they think of this claim: http://www.nebraskacultu…1-legal-probiotics.html

Go Able!!

You sound like an American cheerleader, Mimi. Come on over, I can think of several of our pro-football teams that could use you next season.

You can “Add” an item to your shopping cart by following your link and another link to Shahani’s products.

This tells me that the description is just one long advertisement for Shahani’s products. I’m afraid it takes more than a basic advertisement to convince me that a specific product brand is better than all others, such as a couple of unbiased university or lab studies comparing different brands.

Understand I’m not saying Shahani’s isn’t a fine brand and works well, because it probably does; only saying that there are probably others that work just as well.