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mstewart wrote: I was wondering if taking the 200-14 would help heal you faster than the 50-14?

Also can you take too much probiotic?

200 billion is too much to start out with, but raising the amount of probiotics slowing to 200 billion is acceptable.

Research shows that too many beneficial bacteria in the intestines can cause an *immunosuppressive response in the human body. This is why we should take a large amount of probiotics during the worse part of the infestation when they are obviously at their lowest amounts. Once the infestation is under control with basically no symptoms, this is a sign that the flora have multiplied, so at that point it’s wise to slowly decrease the amount of probiotics. If the Candida symptoms began to show up again, then the amount of the flora was not sufficient, and the amounts of probiotics should be raised again.
*An immunosuppressant can come in different forms, such as pollutants and even one’s own testosterone, but another example is a medication normally used in cases such as organ transplants where you would need your body to accept the new organ.

Thanks for the information.